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Black Minnow (80)

Fiiish Black Minnow description can be found HERE.

More about JIG HEADS can be found HERE and about SWIMMING DEPHT HERE.

Crazy Sand Eel (26)

Fiiish Crazy Sand Eel description can be found HERE.

More about JIG HEADS can be found HERE and about SWIMMING DEPHT HERE.

Mud Digger (17)

Fiiish Mud Digger description can be found HERE.

Power Tail (9)

Fiiish Power Tail description can be found HERE.

More on different sizes and actions can be found HERE.

Fiiish Candy Shrimp description can be found HERE.

Fiiish Power Tail Squid description can be found HERE.

Black Eel (11)

New lure, even more lifelike for even more catches!


The combination of a hidden hook, inverted paddle and a tapered body offers the fisherman a superbly responsive and realistic swimming action to clinch slow catches!


Patented PH2S attaching system

This innovative system has been designed to allow the use of a hidden hook. It increases the longevity of the lure through better support of the head and body. It also facilitates assembly of the lure.


Exclusive hooks designed by VMC®

  • The hook developed for the Black Minnow appears on this lighter “Shad” type lure. It is perfectly balanced to optimize the lure’s swimming action whilst maximizing strike efficiency. Extra strong for the heavier fish!
  • A hook compatible with two different lures: Black Minnow and Black Eel.


Inverted paddle

  • Activates very quickly:

The tapered body and small upward flipper give a superbly reactive natural swimming action. This action is generated with the slightest of movements, making it incredibly lively and very attractive!

  • Superb descending action:

It is often during this phase, imitating a fish fleeing to hide, that predators attack! This lure excels in these conditions!

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27 Apr 2021

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21 Dec 2020

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