Lucky day on the river

Date: 2013-03-04

Did not have any patience left to hit the river banks – it was time. The morning was cloudy and even a single sun ray was absent.

Started the search for dotted beauties in well know spots but there was no sign of them – the river was not awaken yet.

In an hour or two the sun showed. With the sun noticed that hatching of insects began and fish started feeding on the surface.

Got several shy bites at different spots and no fish caught.

At that moment I wished I was holding a fly rod in my hand but the next shy bite blew that thought away and set the hook. The fish was on and it was a nice one. Did they think that the pink Humpback Pointer Watch 50 was a hatching larva? - do not think so.



Handled the fish with care for a photo and it was released.


The next fish was on after few casts, the same Pointer Watch was the winner.



Kept on casting but there were no other bites – only the fish feeding on the surface and gathering flies.

Changed the tactics and switched to a shallow suspender – Lucky Craft Humpback Minnow 50 SP. Seemed to have chosen the successful lure – in few casts got a “fat” fish.




Overall it was the dreamt day on the river, long walk, lot of sun and nice catch – I was really Lucky.

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